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"You, Rich and Happier Than Ever
by Playing a Simple and Fun
Game for 21 Days" 

Power Up Your Imagination
... and Play Your Way to Prosperity


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From: Miriam Evers, CPCC / Joyous Renegade
Thursday 8:30am

Dear friend,

If money were no object what would you really like to BE, DO or HAVE?

Have you ever wished you could...

  • Have a rejuvenating massage every week
  • Hire a master chef to cook scrumptious meals for you
  • Pursue your passion in photography, adventure travel or jazz
  • Study Italian in Italy, ride a hot air balloon, or sleep in a castle
  • Buy your dream home, a luxury yacht or a private jet
  • Write a best-selling book, run a marathon, or sail around the world
  • Go on a holy pilgrimage, volunteer for the Peace Corps or meet the Dalai Lama
  • Attract and marry the love of your life
  • Revitalize your health, increase your energy and sculpt your body

Well you can!

Getting what you want out of life does not depend on having great wealth, top-notch education or exceptional talent. It does not depend on hard work or luck or favoritism.

Everything ever created started with an idea, a thought, a concept that was vividly imagined.

"Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

~ Albert Einstein

The way to create anything you want
is to imagine and feel as if you already have it.

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you've probably heard that statement before. But many people struggle with making the law of attraction work for them. They know what they want, they imagine having it and yet, nothing happens. Often they just give up and say, "this doesn't work!"   Something is missing.

Because law of attraction, like the law of gravity, is working 24/7 whether you believe in it or not. What you focus on expands.

Here's what I mean. What you dominantly think and feel matches what you are living. If you are frustrated everywhere you go, more things that are frustrating in nature will be waiting for you. If you complain a lot, you'll find more things to complain about.

Life is really very simple. You get back what you are putting out. So what's missing?

There are unconscious mistakes that block 97% of people from having more money, more energy and more loving relationships in their lives. Somehow, without meaning to, they are focused on what they don't want. 

And you get what you focus on, whether you want it or not. 

Big Problem:
How Will You Figure Out...?

  • What do I do that's blocking me from having what I want?
  • How do I stop doing that blocking thing?
  • How can I tell if I'm moving towards my desires or away from them?
  • How can I feel rich and be happy more consistently?
  • How do I prevent the disease of what-is-itis?
  • What's the fastest way to get what I want?
  • How do I expand my imagination about what's possible for me?

When you are working all the time, buried in a thousand details and demands, you only see what's right in front of you.

Yet, to discover big opportunities, create big money and launch big dreams, you have to practice using your imagination to focus on what you want.

Are you ready to let go of the fears and struggle that tether your heart to the grindstone? There is another way!

If there were a fun and simple game
you could play that would immediately and exponentially increase your level of happiness and prosperity,
you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you?

Of Course You Would,
So Read On!

"First Day: New Wardrobe for Free"

"I signed up yesterday, got my manifestations journal yesterday, started my desire list yesterday... And today I have already manifested a whole new wardrobe! For Free!"

~ S. B. Murphy, Bellingham, Washington

"I was Gob-Smacked!"

"Playing the game, I was thrilled to find out I could purchase a Toshiba TV with a 25% employee discount. AND in real life... Never mind Toshiba employee discounts! My daughter and son-in-law gave me a Toshiba flat screen 40inch TV for Christmas. I was gob-smacked! Our family simply does not give gifts of that sort. Ever!"

~ D. Mohrsen, Surrey, British Columbia

"More Money and More Time!"

"I am loving the uplifted feelings I get from playing this game! Time seems to be expanding. So far I have manifested more paying work, actual cash, and more time to do the things most important to me."

~ D. Alfred, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Here's your chance to practice the 7 habits of rich and happy creators and bring your dreams to life.


A dynamic webinar series with a fun and simple game you can play for 21 days to be happy and create your hearts desires.

You will discover..

  • The 3 step formula for manifesting whatever your heart desires
  • The 5 biggest challenges most people face in creating their dreams and how to rise above them
  • The 7 habits of rich and happy creators
  • 3 simple ways to soothe your money fears
  • The must-have habit for being happy
  • The fast-acting natural way to trigger love, exhilaration and feelings of bliss
  • When to take action and when not to
  • A simple empowering question that will lift your mood instantly
  • The impeccable warning sign that you are creating what you don't want
  • How to blast through your preconceived limits about how much you can receive
  • How to receive guidance from the part of you that is already rich
  • Why positive thinking is not enough and what to do instead
  • The single fastest way to an improved financial condition

"FREE Trip to Europe!"

"I've generated a FREE 10-DAY TRIP to France and Spain next March with my friend as one of the adult chaperones for her French and Spanish students! Yay! It works!"

~ Susan Collerman, Langley, British Columbia

"Rapid Weight Loss With Ease!"

"Prior to this game, I had been working on losing weight and having really good success. But it had also been challenging with the buckle-down, dig in with the will-power approach. In the week of playing this game, however, all of that difficulty disappeared! My eating plan became very easy. I stopped being hungry. I stopped having cravings. And my body was craving running, so I ran for the first time in 8 years. My weight loss doubled in the last week from what a normal week is. Just EASE! I am blown away!"

~ S. B. Murphy, Bellingham, Washington

"I Got Everything I Wanted!"

"I got everything I wanted playing the Prosperity Game with Miriam. New car. New home right on the water. Income of at least $75,000 per year. Relationship with a man I love. And much more. This material really works!!"

~ Ashlyne M Mundy, Vancouver, British Columbia

My Story: A $10,000 Wardrobe & Vacations for FREE

There was a time when I was living paycheck to paycheck, laying awake at night wondering how I was going to pay the bills. With a mantra of "I can't afford," I abandoned my dreams of travelling and worried about becoming a bag lady on the streets, living out of shopping cart.

Then a wise and gifted teacher came into my life. She showed me how I was creating my lack of money and exactly how to fix it. At first I was skeptical, it seemed too simple to be true. But I was desperate to get out of my hole. 

My teacher taught me a game upon which to practice abundance thinking and measure my results. Within a few days I started to notice changes.  I received unexpected and delightful things that I wanted, including cash, seemingly out of the blue. Imagine my thrill when a friend gifted me with a $10,000 wardrobe for free!

I became more aware of money flowing ideas. I attracted people who wanted to pay me for what I could offer them, in ways I had not previously imagined. I received free vacations. I was high on life! After 21 days of playing the game, I could hardly believe my good fortune, so I just kept playing.

I learned that the only limit to what I can receive is in my mind.

If you would like to learn to vanquish your money blocks and live an unconditional life, play this game with me and fly your dreams.

Watch LIVE as I show you step-by-step how to create what you want and immediately and exponentially increase your level of prosperity now.

Saturday, March 4 to Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dates and Times of the 7 half hour webinars (+ 1 Delta Bonus webinar):

Delicious interactions and high-impact coaching will show you step by step, with specific ideas, inspiration and a fun game, exactly how to deliberately create what you want.

Added Bonus: 4 Modules of Prior Training,
including videos, as follows:

Module 101:
Create What You Want

  • The 3 step formula for manifesting whatever your heart desires
  • The Prosperity Game - how to set it up, practice and keep score
  • The A Game - daily practice for the single fastest way to an improved financial condition
  • The impeccable warning sign that you are creating what you don't want and how to shift it

Module 102:
Be Rich Now

  • The first manifestation
  • 3 simple ways to soothe your money fears

  • Deepen the two prosperity practices
  • Receive guidance from the part of you that is already rich

Module 103:
Allow Your Success

  • Releasing resistance and allowing what you want
  • The must-have habit for being happy - continuing practice

  • When to take action and when not to
  • Inspiration and Support on the Journey

Module 104:
Master Manifesting

  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • The fast-acting natural way to trigger love, exhilaration and feelings of bliss
  • The perfect vibrational stance for manifesting everything you want
  • Celebration of Successes

I want to fly my dreams »

"Day 21 - I got $21,000!"

"Imagine my delight when I reached Day 21 of the Prosperity Game. As I was thinking how to spend those luscious dollars, a client emailed me to confirm a contract we had discussed. The contract amount: $21,000 - and he wanted to be invoiced right away! Exactly the same amount I was planning to spend. I can't wait for day 100! Thanks for creating the space for this great game."

~ Carollyne Conlinn, 2009 Canadian Coach of the Year,

"The Neighbor's Property? Impossible!"

"When I put down buying the neighbor's property, it seemed silly, completely impossible. The neighbors owned the neighbors' property. And many things had to happen in order for that to happen. How would I have known? (the neighbors moved, the neighbors divorced, the property came up for sale - yes it took a few years, but that property that I wanted never left my mind, and when the timing was right, it appeared.)"

~ Nettie Adams, Vancouver, British Columbia

"The Cure for 'I Don't Have Money' "

"This is your cure for "I don't have enough money." Play and spend money freely and you will feel free because you will expand your mind gradually but to levels you can't anticipate in the beginning. There is a lot of breaking paradigms going on. The more you spend, the more ideas you get, the more you attract, the more you are amazed, the more you get excited, the more you dream and on and on it goes. Even waking up one morning to the drudgery of "what am I supposed to spend my money on today?" made me laugh so hard and say to myself with affection: "Your life is sure filled with problems."

~ Ingrid Persson, New Westminster, British Columbia

Watch these four sessions online, and you'll not only know how to create what you want...

You'll also have the key to directing your future with heightened creativity, imagination and focus.

Here's everything You'll Get
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Training Course & Community Right Now,
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LIVE Training: 7 Modules
Modules 301 to 307: Seven 30-minute LIVE webinars of delicious interactions and high-impact coaching that will show you step by step, with specific ideas, inspiration and a fun game, exactly how to deliberately create what you want.
Bonus: Module 308: Multi-Millions
Bonus: Module 101: Create What You Want
Bonus: Module 102: Be Rich Now
Bonus: Module 103: Allow Your Success
Bonus: Module 104: Master Manifesting
Challenges for Each LIVE Module
Video & Audio Training Recordings: So you can catch up easily
Community: Ask questions, share manifestations and chat with other players
Lifetime Access: Come back 24 hours a day forever
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In Joy and Prosperity!

Miriam Evers, CPCC / Joyous Renegade
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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